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The traditional salt-making consists of a system of evaporation and crystallization basins.

Seawater is led by gravity or pumped channels into a big basin, which is interconnected to a system of smaller evaporation basins by movable wooden gates.

Because Czech republic with its capital Prague is a lot different from Slovakia.

First of all you should know that the capital of Slovakia is Bratislava and to get around (or even to go between Bratislava and Wien, the best thing to do is to hire a Blacklane taxi like I did the last time when I flew to India.) For all the guys, this could be probably the only reason needed to visit Slovakia.

Nature of Slovakia is so breath-taking that we have 9 National parks which cover big part of the Slovak territory.

Just the lowlands in the South do not belong to any national park.

I could bet that the majority of you do not really know why you should visit Slovakia, maybe not even where my home country is located.

Eastern Slovakia is famous for plenty of unique churches.The we had to cross the Slovenian control point and turn right before reaching the Croatian borders to find the entrance.I was glad that I went through and back without much problems as I didn’t have my passport with me!Women want to be with him, men want to be like him.He is looking for a new topic to discuss in his popular talk-show. It is probably the worst film I have seen this year.

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