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In summary, the sooner you go to orientation, the better the chance you have of getting all your class preferences.Start browsing through the classes you might be interested in taking, and write them down.But because so much of my patience is currently being taken up by baby watch, my family members just have to take a back seat. My nights have been filled with trips to the bathroom and minutes of waking up just to change positions.Some nights, I've found myself awake for hours because no position can ease my discomfort and the urge to take another bathroom trip is just minutes away. A quick Google search can help you find scholarship opportunities based on hometown, ethnicity, academics, extracurriculars, and so much more. Most IU scholarship deadlines fall between January and March, but I encourage you to apply for external scholarships as well.

So when they send you a text, you reply almost immediately.(We all know how attached we are to our smartphones, so it’s silly to pretend you didn’t see their message.) Plus, we’re all big boys and girls here: No need for those petty, childish games where you wait 10 minutes or maybe an hour to text them back, right?In recent years behavioral scientists have shed some light on why waiting techniques can be powerful.Let’s first look at the notion that texting back right away makes you less appealing.Psychologists have conducted hundreds of studies in which they reward lab animals in different ways under different conditions.

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