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I also ask God to remove him from my life if his intentions are not pure. For me, that’s how I spot a predator or a man who isn’t truly walking with God. Unless we’re getting married, there’s no reason to be in each others lives.

Below are three takeaways to help you in your walk of celibacy: Something to think about… That’s why I chose the topic “To Date or Not To Date’ for the next chat.

I like what one contributor added to the meaning, “I think included in the definition of celibacy should be intentionality.

Intentional meaning you have made a DECISION to be celibate, vs.

We spend extended years living at home to pay off graduate debts and, when we finally fly the nest, all too often our early adulthood is a journey from unpaid intern work to low paid ‘getting on the ladder’ work.

We travel through life surrounded by single friends.

I paid attention to what he said and followed it up with a series of questions. Because when a man says “I Love You,” it takes a lot of courage and faith.

As I was having conversations with this particular gentleman, he said something that stopped me in my tracks. That’s how I would know that the Lord brought me the right person.

For starters, there are a wealth of single Christians looking for compassion in companionship and truly understand that the commitment to celibacy is a gift rather than a problem.

Dedicated Christian dating sites open the door to discussions on all aspects of Faith and God and intimacy is no exception.

The key is to make sure YOU are able to celebrate your choice – so you can grow to celebrate a deeper Christian love TOGETHER. Don’t raise doubts all the time; show your partner it can be an easy choice and – yes – it does make you very happy.

Try allowing your conviction to energise your choice. If you stay true to your belief in saving yourself for marriage and rejoice in your choice, your positivity could equal a change of heart in your partner.

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