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In the finals he finished third, behind local Costa Rican racer Roberto Castro and Vallejo.

He runs a show called Nitro Circus, and previously competed in the NASCAR Nationwide Series for Roush Fenway Racing and the Global Rally Cross Championship for Subaru Rally Team USA. 125cc National championship, the 2001 125cc East Coast Supercross Championship, and the 125cc Rose Creek Invitational.And so I take that one step further because I have an audience. I grew up very Christian and I 100% believe in God. I didn't even practice them because I knew something in me... So then I got the audition, did it, left, and thought "even if I don't hear back that was one of the best, most artistic experiences of my life." Then I got the callback and they wanted it a little lighter, which seems to be a theme in all of my life. It's been a big conversation I've had with people over the past few years.I leave my hair natural on TV, and at this point in my life and my career I want to be representative. I was there for a month and shot for only four days.

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