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(b) GSA may establish special ordering procedures for a particular schedule.In this case, that schedule will specify those special ordering procedures.(b) GSA schedule contracts require all schedule contractors to publish an “Authorized Federal Supply Schedule Pricelist” (pricelist).The pricelist contains all supplies and services offered by a schedule contractor.For example, the requiring agency shall make a determination that use of the Federal Supply Schedule is the best procurement approach, in accordance with 17.502-1(a).(c) Orders placed under a Federal Supply Schedule contract— (1) Are not exempt from the development of acquisition plans (see subpart 7.1), and an information technology acquisition strategy (see Part 39); (2) Shall comply with all FAR requirements for a consolidated or bundled contract when the order meets the definition at 2.101(b) of “consolidation” or “bundling”; and (3) Must, whether placed by the requiring agency, or on behalf of the requiring agency, be consistent with the requiring agency’s statutory and regulatory requirements applicable to the acquisition of the supply or service. GSA has already determined the prices of supplies and fixed-price services, and rates for services offered at hourly rates, under schedule contracts to be fair and reasonable. “Schedules e-Library” means the on-line source for GSA and VA Federal Supply Schedule contract award information. “Special Item Number (SIN)” means a group of generically similar (but not identical) supplies or services that are intended to serve the same general purpose or function. “Requiring agency” means the agency needing the supplies or services.

Additionally, the Department of Defense (Do D) manages similar systems of schedule-type contracting for military items; however, Do D systems are not covered by this subpart.In addition, each pricelist contains the pricing and the terms and conditions pertaining to each Special Item Number that is on schedule.The schedule contractor is required to provide one copy of its pricelist to any ordering activity upon request.(d)(1) , GSA’s electronic Request for Quotation (RFQ) system, is a part of a suite of on-line tools which complement GSA Advantage! E-Buy allows ordering activities to post requirements, obtain quotes, and issue orders electronically.Posting an RFQ on e-Buy— (i) Is one medium for providing fair notice to all schedule contractors offering such supplies and services as required by 8.405-1, 8.405-2, and 8.405-3; and (ii) Is required when an order contains brand-name specifications (see 8.405-6). For more information or assistance on either GSA Advantage!

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