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In the end, Asher made it clear in a blog entry on her Myspace page that she "just didn't want to leave anyone without credit".

Cobra Starship took a break from touring and Asher used the free time to work for the company TCG Studios making main title sequences.

She provided vocals in place of Carol Heller on 44’s song “Make You Smile".

In August of the same year, a rumor went around that she, Fall Out Boy frontman Patrick Stump and Ashlee Simpson collaborated on a song that was on Asher's Myspace.

Supposedly, Stump played bass and drums, and Simpson helped Asher with the lyrics.

If you then told him he'd be helping out backstage for his highschool’s musical production, laughing with the rest of the crew, he would have probably given you a weird look and walked away. Cassadee thought she'd finally left behind her past once and for all.

For once, she'd be remembered as herself and not the girl from "that pop rock band from my childhood".

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