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It is recorded in both the books of Genesis and Amos that the Philistines were from Caphtor. ..Pathrusim, the Casluhim, the Caphtorim, whence the Philistines came forth. ” Some of our earliest references to the Philistines can be traced as far back as the 12th century BCE in ancient Egypt.

Parts of these migrations were recorded by the ancient Egyptians as they labelled these groups collectively as the Sea Peoples, again, the Philistines being one of them. BAR Interviews Trude Dothan." Interview by Hershel Shanks. Either way, archaeology and literary evidence does point that at least some portion of what was to become the Israelites were not native to the Levant.

Obviously with such an early date and the lack of many written records this is all very much up to interpretation.

Turning it all into a coherent narrative must be difficult but you've done very well.

The Canaanite city-states centered around the palaces of the lowlands were either deserted or destroyed.

Early interpretations of this archaeological evidence pointed fingers to Joshua's conquest but more recently this has been dismissed in favor of internal struggles/rebellions.

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