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As part of the events that took place during this transition, mass migrations would occur as many ethnic groups searched for a new life and new opportunities. " (Judges ) It has been suggested that the tribe of Dan may have been part of the coalition of Sea Peoples (people from the Aegean) in conflict with the Egyptian Pharaoh, Ramesses III at ca. This explains the excerpt from Judges that they were a seafaring peoples. Jones of Montgomery College suggests that in the excerpt from Genesis, Dan will be treated as one of the tribes of Israel even though in fact he is not.Parts of these migrations were recorded by the ancient Egyptians as they labelled these groups collectively as the Sea Peoples, again, the Philistines being one of them. BAR Interviews Trude Dothan." Interview by Hershel Shanks. Either way, archaeology and literary evidence does point that at least some portion of what was to become the Israelites were not native to the Levant.So, before settling in Canaan and transforming into the rivals of the Israelites, we can archaeologically trace the Philistines back to Egypt. Then I submit that the relevant sentence be either altered or deleted, given the complexities you've outlined.We still do not have a definitive answer to their origins prior to this. Part 2: Traces of the Philistines on the island of Crete By Petros Koutoupis . If part were native and some smaller part not, the statement is too simplistic to be correct.

1200 BCE), a lot of changes were occuring in the Levant; the most important of which was that Egyptian control over the land referred to as Canaan was no more.From where did they originate prior to their settlement in Canaan? Caphtor, also known as Kaptaru or Kaptar in ancient Akkadian sources and Keftiu in ancient Egyptian sources has been generally accepted by modern scholars to be the island of Crete situated in the southern region of the Aegean Sea (Cline, 19).The Old Testament may shed a bit of light on this question. Despite these Biblical references providing us with an answer, it beckons the further question: “How credible of an answer is it?The story of David rise to power is very political.The tale of the famous giant-slayer and second king of the Israelites, according to the Hebrew Bible, starts with the slaughter of a tribe – women...

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