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The US government was rationing items such as cloth, rubber, and metal so the fashion industry had to adapt.

The government also put restrictions on how much yardage could be put into a piece of clothing.

breaking news involving you and your handy sewing machine.

Today, over 83,500 vintage sewing patterns are accessible online thanks to the website, the Vintage Patterns Wikia.

) then you can do the vintage thing and just whip yourself up a lovely frock or two! Here are just a few good reasons: Personally as I've begun exploring vintage fashions, I've found that I am most attracted to styles from the 1940's.

That's not to say I wouldn't mind making a couple June Cleaver type dresses, but mainly my personality and what I am used to wearing is more figure flattering for the 1940's.

1930's fashions featured feminine, flowing dresses. Many styles were cut on the bias to mold to your figure.

Hemlines in fashion go down with the dollar (don't know why, it just has played out that way...

Children's garments were sewn with the idea of passing them down to younger family members.

Of course, other well-known wardrobe staples of yester years are prominently featured too.

The updated clothing pattern database is meant to be a resource that not only exemplifies fashion throughout the years, but communicates its historical context by demonstrating what colors, silhouettes, textures, and embellishments were prevalent in certain decades.

Early 1950's elaborate patterns, such as coats, suit sets etc.

were 50 cents, while in the late 50's this became common price for all patterns.

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