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When women think of a player, oftentimes they think they can change them, but Manni says otherwise.“I certainly think anybody can evolve and I don’t think that it’s the women’s responsibility to change a man,” he says.Are you struggling with denial, heartbreak, anger or resentment from a breakup or divorce? Again and again, women report that they meet a guy who seems like he could be perfect in every way.“I think you can lead the horse to water but he has to drink.So a man has to want to change and he has to want to change for the right reason.On this week’s episode of Single in Stilettos, founder and matchmaker Suzanne Oshima talks dating advice with relationship expert Robert Manni.Speaking from a guy’s perspective, Manni provides dating advice on dating a player and how to know if you’re looking into the eyes of one.

However, if they hadn’t already formed a connection, they found playing hard to get was a turn off.The fact that you are dating someone else tells him that you are worth pursuing.If he really likes you, his competitive nature will kick in and he will want to have you all to himself.Related Link: Expert Dating Advice: What is Love and How Do I Find It? Related Link: Dating Advice: Moving Your Relationship From Online to Face-to-Face Providing guys with a guide to love in his book, Manni now offers women his best dating tip from the man’s perspective: “The things that every guy seeks in women is somebody who understands him and is supportive of what their ambition, goal, or dream is.And if you can make the man feel that you believe in them they will be putty in your hands.” For more relationship advice videos and additional information Single in Stilettos show, click here.

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