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There, he met astronomer Domenico Maria Novara—a fateful encounter, as the two began exchanging astronomical ideas and observations, ultimately becoming housemates.

Historian Edward Rosen described the relationship as follows: "In establishing close contact with Novara, Copernicus met, perhaps for the first time in his life, a mind that dared to challenge the authority of [astrologist Claudius Ptolemy] the most eminent ancient writer in his chosen fields of study." In 1501, Copernicus went on to study practical medicine at the University of Padua.

As German astronomer Johannes Kepler would later prove, planetary orbits are actually elliptical in shape.

(Latin for "Small Commentary"), a 40-page manuscript which summarized his heliocentric planetary system and alluded to forthcoming mathematical formulas meant to serve as proof.

In 1496, Copernicus took leave and traveled to Italy, where he enrolled in a religious law program at the University of Bologna.

Previously, Nico was identified as one of ten “Stars at the Bar” by Legal Week, which described him as “ arbitrations in The Hague.

Many of his cases involve an international element, and he has particular experience of litigation in offshore jurisdictions (Bermuda, BVI, Cayman and St Lucia) and in Hong Kong and Singapore.

He hurried back home to Poland, where he resumed his position as canon and rejoined his uncle at an Episcopal palace.

Copernicus remained at the Lidzbark-Warminski residence for the next several years, working and tending to his elderly, ailing uncle and exploring astronomy., which presented an alternative to Ptolemy's model of the universe and significantly influenced Copernicus's research.

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