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Some analysis software packages allow your reporting to go into cruise control with clever automation, so you can just focus on the dashboard and wheel.In this article, my aim is two-fold: ) isn’t just in the realm of tracking studies. You can essentially write a report from a mid-field data export, and then automatically update your report with the final data.The software then uses these ID tags as a reference when it’s time to update.Each of these elements vary in their ability to be automatically updated.Here we look at the three elements of Power Point that allow automatic updating.When you click on a chart within Power Point, you have the option to Edit Data.

I created a 35 minute long web-based training (WBT) that is all about the forecasted energy usage for the upcoming summer.By doing it this way, I can now choose to update the file every time it opens.One caution is that if you move the spreadsheet to a new location or if you rename it, it will break the links. Ensure your that analysis software inserts data into this hidden spreadsheet.If a program can’t do this, the only option to get a chart into Power Point is via an inflexible, static image.

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