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In 1967, when enrollment reached 5,704 students, the Dayton Campus of Miami University and Ohio State University ceased to exist, and the newly independent Wright State University came into being. Through their persistence they taught the world to fly. Kristie Mc Kiernan, Wright State grad and senior English lecturer, is a superfan of the Raiders, missing only three home games and attending road contests as far away as Chicago over the past eight years.

Join us throughout 2017 as we celebrate our history and look forward to the future. Named after these pioneers, we carry on their desire to build, create, and pioneer.

No other architectural form has so captured the imagination of the American people than the log cabin.

Political supporters of 1840 presidential candidate William Henry Harrison appropriated the log cabin as a campaign symbol.

Log buildings, because of their distinct material, physical structure, and sometimes their architectural design, can develop their own unique deterioration problems.

The information presented here is intended to convey the range of appropriate preservation techniques available.

Photo: The State Museum of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission.

The intent of this Brief is to present a concise history and description of the diversity of American log buildings and to provide basic guidance regarding their preservation and maintenance.

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Many illustrations are new and in color; Captions are simplified and some complex charts are omitted.

Through the late 18th and early 19th centuries, frontier settlers erected log cabins as they cleared land, winding their way south in and along the Appalachian valleys through the back country areas of Maryland, Virginia, the Carolinas and Georgia.

They moved westward across the Appalachian Mountain barrier into the Ohio and Mississippi River valleys transporting their indispensable logcraft with them, into Kentucky and Tennessee, and as far to the southwest as eastern Texas.

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The log cabin was used on this 1840 campaign metal to symbolize frontier life and egalitarianism, a platform that successfully elected William Henry Harrison to the presidency.

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