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“On the other hand, if there’s an abrupt shift in the type of attention, from affectionate and loving to controlling and angry, with the pursuing partner making unreasonable demands, that’s a red flag.

It’s a virtual Soho House with a curated membership of artist and model types, and, of course, a few celebrities thrown in for good measure.

Now there’s five more brutal dating trends to get your head around.

Sharing tips to navigate these tricky new trends, dating expert Shannon Smith, of Plenty Of Fish, told Business Insider: "[They] can often be avoided by communicating clearly with someone we're dating, and being mindful of our tech manners." This is when a man or women boasts about themselves online to impress their date.

When one person intentionally manipulates and exploits another’s weakness or insecurity, there’s no other word for it.” Dale advised that healthy relationships build slowly and couples should maintain healthy friendships and relationships with friends and family throughout.

Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences Professor at UCLA, Joe Pierre, wrote in Psychology Today why people can fall for a love bombing abuser.

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