Bad stories of online dating

' Turns out, he and I had Never Getting Back Together I always used to think it was weird when couples stopped being friends on social media, especially when they had mutual friends in common.

So even though your breakup wasn’t great, I didn’t delete my ex as a friend … His Linked In message asked me if I was ignoring him or if I just hadn’t seen his other messages. Why would I not be checking my e-mail, but be checking my Linked In?

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” -Swipe Left“I’d been dating my then-boyfriend for six months when I started playing on my friend’s Tinder account.

A little weird, but what was worse were the comments below the photo, where my guy wrote 'Yeah, she’s a little chunky, but she’s cute, right?

' Needless to say, we never did make it 'Facebook official.'” -Tweet and Tell"After what I thought was a fun date with a new guy, I turned to Internet intel and found his Twitter feed.

Thanks to the rise of dating apps like Tinder, when I've found myself bored, lonely, and itching to experience something, I'm able to do so quickly — to mixed results.

My early- and mid-20s were filled with both ill-advised romantic decisions and strange yet gratifying sexual encounters that I'll be deeply thankful for when I'm in my 80s.

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